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  ::   April 29, 2004

Mach-II/qForms Gotcha
My team has been in the process of moving/porting a suite of ColdFusion applications to our new data center. The current apps were originally written using CF 2.0, and updated bit by bit through ColdFusion 4.5.1. We're now migrating them to CF MX 6.1 and have decided to adopt Mach-II as our framework.

We're pretty heavy users of Dan Switzer's qForms JavaScript API and have been integrating it nicely within Mach-II. One gotcha we did run into, however, was discovered by the team (Adam Crump, Jim Bambrough, Ray Ragan, and Steve Rittler). It seems if you have debugging enabled for the request scope, qForms does not work. The problem has to do with the page content being stored in the request scope, so when the page executes, it gets output normally within your view, but it also gets output in the debug code. This results in duplicate form fields and duplicate qForms code, which basically breaks functionality. Not the end of the world, but it can mislead you into believing there's an issue with qForms when there really isn't.

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