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  ::   March 5, 2004

Steve Rittler Blogging
I'm happy to see that Steve Rittler, long time Philly CFUG manager, has entered the world of blogging with his State of Independence blog. Steves a really great guy, and an excellent developer. Although his blog isn't specific to MAcromedia technologies (it's built in ASP.Net), Steve has a lot of insite to offer on both ColdFusion and Flash development. Look for a lot of good information from Steve in the near future.

  ::   May 12, 2003

Looking for a Good Open Source Diff/Merge Utility?
I've been spending a lot more time using CVS for my source code control. As such, I was ercently in need of a good diff/merge utility, so I could compare the code base for a test and production application that I hadn't personally looked at in about 5 years. The app recently started experiencing problems, and in order to figure out what was going on, I needed to see what may be different in the test code vs. the production code.

Anyhow, to make a long story short, someone recommended I check out WinMerge, an open source diff/merge tool that integrates nicely with CVS. I downloaded the tool, installed it, and told it which directories/files I wanted it to compare. Within 30 seconds, it had a nice list for me showing exactly which files in my beta/production folders were different.

This is a tool I really wish was built into Homesite + or Dreamweaver MX. Since it isn't, I highly recommend WinMerge.

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