::   the project

www.CFCzone.org is the result of the collaborative work of Rob Brooks-Bilson and Raymond Camden. Following the success of CFLib.org, the open source site for ColdFusion UDFs, we decided to put together a site for sharing CFCs (ColdFusion Components) - one of the most powerful and exciting new features in ColdFusion MX. The site you are visiting is the culmination of that collaboration.

www.CFCzone.org currently hosts x CFCs, and every single one is absolutely free, source code included. We highly encourage you to take these CFCs and use them within your own projects. If you write your own CFCs, please submit them to the site so that others in the ColdFusion community can benefit from your knowledge.

  ::   the founders

Rob Brooks-Bilson is a senior technology manager at Amkor Technology, where he has worked since 1996. He is the author of the O'Reilly books Programming ColdFusion MX (covers CF MX 6.1) and Programming ColdFusion (covers CF 5) and has written several articles on ColdFusion for Intranet Design Magazine, CFAdvisor, and CNET's Builder.com. Rob is a member of Team Macromedia and is a frequent speaker at ColdFusion user groups and conferences. Rob can be reached at .

Raymond Camden is the ColdFusion Jedi Master for Mindseye, Inc. Raymond has many years experience working with the web and web applications. He is the co-author of Allaire Spectra E-Business Construction Kit and Mastering ColdFusion 4/4.5/5/MX. Raymond is a member of Team Macromedia and has presented at numerous conferences across the country. He can be reached at . You can find his blog here: http://www.camdenfamily.com/morpheus/blog

  ::   thanks

We'd like to thank the following people and organizations for their support of www.CFCzone.org:

  • Hosting provided by Mindtool.
  • Chris Harrington for designing the www.CFCzone.org logo, and other graphics for the site.
  • The design for this site is based on the designs citrus and cleanest, available from open source web design

Latest CFCs
- regressionCFC
- makeAShorterLink
- tinyURL
- scriptEncode
- CF Admin Mappings
- Transliterator
- i18nCurrency
- i18nSort
- javaRBCFC
- tmt_java_regexp
- tmt_java_string
- debugIP
- CFC Explorer with Usage
- timeZone
- dumpCFC
- geoLocator
- i18nCFC
- uBlocks
- AdBanner

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